"Drew Friedman: Vermeer of the Borscht Belt" — documentary tracing the artist's evolution from underground comics to the cover of The New Yorker

Renowned for his detailed and satirical portrayals of forgotten Hollywood stars, vintage Jewish comedians, and quirky characters, Friedman has dedicated his life to capturing the essence of American pop culture with a unique blend of humor and nostalgia.

Drew Friedman: Vermeer of the Borscht Belt is an in-depth exploration of the life and work of artist Drew Friedman, This film, directed by Kevin Dougherty, takes viewers on a journey through Friedman's career evolution from his roots in underground comics to his prestigious position as a cover artist for The New Yorker.

It features a series of interviews with Friedman's friends, colleagues, and admirers, including Gilbert Gottfried, Patton Oswalt, Richard Kind, Mike Judge, and Merrill Markoe.

The YIVO Institute for Jewish Research in New York is showing special screening of the documentary on Monday Apr 1, 2024 7:00pm. Following the film, attendees will have the opportunity to engage in a panel discussion featuring Drew Friedman alongside his wife Kathy Bidus, director Dougherty, and a host of other luminaries from the worlds of film, television, and comedy. Panelists include Paul Shaffer, Craig Bierko, Richard Kind, Owen Kline, Tom Leopold, and Frank Santopadre, with the discussion led by YIVO's Senior Academic Advisor & Director of Exhibitions, Eddy Portnoy.

Whether you're a longtime admirer of Drew Friedman's work or new to his distinctive style, this documentary screening and panel discussion provide a rare glimpse into the mind of a creative genius.