Bizarre commercial for "Popeet" extendable food storage containers

This "Popeet" food storage commercial from 1987 is almost as strange as the containers themselves. The only thing I can think about when looking at these adjustable-size containers is how it seems like food would get stuck in their accordion-like crevices and rot.

From the YouTube description:

Popeet is a product of Amazing Containers of America, which was based in Verona, New Jersey. The product comes from 1987/1988, and advertises a revolutionary food and drink storage system that collapses to the size you need, has an airtight lid, creates more storage space for more containers, is dishwasher safe, and comes in several sizes.

I'm grateful that these containers are a thing of the past and that this funny commercial has been preserved on the internet. I wonder who actually bought and enjoyed these frightening containers. Seeing a Popeet in someone's kitchen cabinet is most definitely a red flag — run!

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