Jury finds NRA and Wayne LaPierre liable for corruption

Jurors yesterday found the NRA and outgoing CEO Wayne LaPierre liable for corruption, putting the total bill at more than $6m and making clear how extensive the waste was at the gun lobby group. LaPierre resigned immediately before the civil trial commenced, to enjoy more time with the lavish lifestyle that being an NRA executive provided.

LaPierre, staring forward with his hands clasped in his lap, sat in the first row of the gallery while the jury read the verdict. He did not speak to the press upon leaving the courthouse Friday.

The New York Attorney General's Office sued the NRA and its senior management in 2020, claiming they misappropriated millions of dollars to fund personal benefits — including private jets, family vacations and luxury goods. The accusations came at the end of a three-year investigation into the NRA, which is registered in New York as a nonprofit charitable corporation

Here's a thing to remember, an important one because it applies to Trump too: they don't mind. They might not be happy to be a direct victim of a specific fraud, but it's the perks of the job. They don't care about "grifting" and least of all about "hypocrisy". They think it was his prerogative to do this and are happy to see him living like a king. What matters is that you are beaten. Thank heavens, then, for the courts, able and willing as they are to put him and the NRA in their place.

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