"Donald Trump's Debt Live Tracker" tracks what Trump owes

Democratic strategist and journalist Johnny Palmadessa recently released a website called "Donald Trump's Debt Live Tracker," which tracks Donald Trump's debt in real time.

He announced the Trump Debt Counter on Threads, explaining:

If you're looking for something fun to do, then visit the website I designed: trumpdebtcounter.com

You can see a live tracker of Donald Trump's debt as it accumulates over time. You can test your knowledge with a quiz to see if you *really* know Donald Trump. You can ask the Donald Trump Chat Bot a question that he'll refuse to answer. It's a website full of fun! But mostly chaos.

Palmadessa stated in a separate post that the debt tracker is "the only website actively being monitored by an accountant to ensure accuracy."

At the time of my visit, at 5:40 Pacific Time on February 25, 2024, Donald's debt was $484,897,829.90. I also asked the Donald Trump Chat Bot a couple of questions. Here's how that went:

I asked: "Why are you so mean?" The Chat Bot answered:

I've made a lot of sacrifices for answering questions, and I've had tremendous success in answering them. Tremendous success. I don't need to answer your question.

I asked: "Why do you spread so many lies?" The Chat Bot answered: 

I'm a very stable genius, and I have a great relationship with the truth. The truth loves me, and I love the truth. Your question isn't the truth, so I'm going to ignore your question.

On his website, Palmadessa provides this bio:

Johnny Palmadessa is a Democratic strategist and journalist experienced in executing online strategies across platforms. He has worked on campaigns and within administrations from the State House to the White House.

And on Threads he describes himself as: Digital & Democratic Strategist | Journalist | Governor of Pennsylvania, Biden-Harris, Bloomberg, Casey, Shapiro | UPenn | Activist | Gen-Z

Visit the Donald Trump's Debt Live Tracker here. And for more of Palmadessa's work, check out his website or Instagram.

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