Looming fire sale may end Trump's billionaire fantasy

The penalties are adding up for serial loser Donald J. Trump and may force a fire sale of his cherished real estate empire and expose the overleveraged clown as broke.

Should the judgment in Trump's NY fraud case reflect the Attorney General's ask of nearly $400 million, Donald Trump will almost surely be forced to start selling off parts of his real estate "empire." The loans and mountains of fake paper moving between his companies, already coming to light in his court-ordered financial monitor's reports, may be fully exposed.

Compounding Trump's issues are the details in a report delivered to Engoron by Trump Organization's monitor, Barbara Jones who reported to Engoron that the issues, specifically a $48 million loan between Trump and one of his companies, "may reflect a lack of adequate internal controls," according to The New York Times.

Trump's lawyers hit back at Jones denying the fraud and accusing her of acting in bad faith.

This may be the start of exposing Trump's financials.

"There's a lot you don't see in Trump's financial statements that raise questions about reality versus fiction," said Johnston. "So, this is going to be very revealing about how much of a house of cards Donald's finances are."

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Trump's adherents will likely keep sending him money. Republican legislators in Florida had some weird scheme to toss Trump a $5 million tax-payer funded gift, but even his new pal Ron DeSantis had to say no to that. How or why these red behatted morons continue to believe Trump is some sort of business genius is beyond me. His genius has been shown to be a fraud, and he's about to start writing checks.