Poland's official mint issues UFO coin that levitates

Poland's official mint, Mennica Polska, has issued a coin shaped like a UFO that levitates. The coin reportedly contains a motor that makes it spin while the levitation is made possible by a magnetic field generated by the coin's base below. And if that isn't enough, the coin glows in the dark. Video below!

While the coin, named UFO MP-1766, is minted in Poland, it's actually not Polish currency.

"We cannot simply create a coin that goes into official circulation, because only central banks have the right to issue money," the mint's Łukasz Karda told the Gazeta Wyborcza news outlet. "Therefore, there is a business model of getting in touch with somewhat exotic foreign banks, in this case the Bank of Cameroon."

According to Notes From Poland, the coin's denomination is 1,766 Cameroonian francs (~US$2.92) but "its real value is significantly higher than its nominal one," states the mint.

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