A short film generated by only 256 bytes of code

Bitwise Liminal is a short, spooky animated film produced by only 256 bytes of source code. KilledByAPixel, AKA generative artist Frank Force, programmed it, and it was presented at the Lovebyte Party earlier this month alongside other examples of extremely concise coding.

I found an old VHS tape at a yard sale. It was labeled "Bitwise Liminal" in sharpie. But when I watched the video it was only static. Then I started having vivid and… unsettling dreams.

Here it is, plucked right from the canvas element:

<svg onload=setInterval("for(t+=.1,R=T=C=Math.cos,c.width=w=128,i=9986,V=t/9&3;Y=i--/w;c.getContext2d.fillRect(X,Y,(C(t/6)T^Vi/1e4T+t)%20?(R=T++,1):(T=9,19/R),5/Z))for(Z=5,X=i%w+4/R;0<(V95+C(t/3)+ZX/64-Z^Z|(60-Y)Z/58)%13;Z+=.2);",t=9)></svg>

A GIF of it would be many times larger than the thing itself! The still frame of it in this post is 1,000 times larger. Here's an effort to unpack and explain how it works.

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