Ahead of a huge storm, Yosemite Park Service tells tourists: GTFO

The west coast of California continues its drama series of winter 2024 storms as Yosemite National Park braces for "several" feet of snow by telling tourists to go now!

When caught in snow, people traveling through California's Sierra Nevada, near Yosemite itself, have been known to eat one another. The National Park Service has told people to leave by noon today, March 1st, to ensure history does not repeat itself.

"Visitors currently in the park should leave as soon as possible, and no later than noon tomorrow, March 1," the Park Service wrote on social media. "The National Weather Service is forecasting several feet of snow throughout the park (Badger Pass may receive over seven feet!) with very high winds."

The closure caps an eventful month for the park as visitors endure winter conditions to catch a glimpse of Horsetail Fall's fleeting "firefall", which only occurs during sunsets in February.

SF Gate

Certainly not a time to be trapped in a draft cabin with some plague rats.