These "Clothesline Animals" are simple, clever, and beautiful

Back in 2019 we featured Helga Stentzel, who makes animals out of food. Since then, Helga Stentzel has also been making animals out of clothes hanging on the line. Her "Clothesline Animals" are simple, clever, and beautiful. On her website, she explains:

Playfulness and simplicity of the idea is contrasted by fine details of the fabrics used and of the landscape. Each character has their unique personality, distinctive voice, and a story to tell.

Here's "Camella," a camel made out of light tan sweatpants:

In the heart of the unforgiving desert, where the fiery sun scorches the sands and the winds whisper tales of relentless hardship, there stands a creature whose resilience defies the arid realm. 

Underneath a tawny coat that seems untouched by time, Camella carries with her a reservoir of endurance, her humps brimming with resources to sustain her through the bleakest of days. A beautiful animal with her proud, elongated neck, Camella is here to remind us that even in the face of life's greatest adversities, there is a wellspring of strength within us, waiting to be tapped, waiting to carry us forward, just as the camel strides unyielding through the desert, a symbol of enduring grace.

Here's "Zelda," a Zebra crafted from black and white striped clothes:

Zelda the Zebra is here to remind you that life is nothing but a striped pattern. If you find yourself going through a dark time, simply remind yourself that better days are just a step away! 

If you are having a good time though, don't worry about the darkness lying ahead of you – simply change direction and start walking along the white stripe rather than across it.  

And here's "Peace," a dove made from a white hooded sweatshirt:

The idea for this poignant artwork emerged in the wake of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia in 2022. As someone bearing both Russian and Ukrainian roots, I felt the profound turmoil within as the war unfolded in Eastern Europe.

This photograph serves as a fervent plea for peace — not only between nations but also between individuals and different parts of our own personalities that fight brutal battles in our heads and souls.

Her website provides this bio:

Helga Stentzel is a multidisciplinary artist based in London, UK. She works across a wide range of media including photography, illustration, videography, sculpture and mural design. Helga received "Food Art Creator of the Year" award in 2020 and has collaborated with Hermes, Amazon, BBC, Honda and O2, among others. She participated in multiple group exhibitions in New York and London, and held a solo show in Seoul in 2022. A St. Martins alumna, Helga worked in the advertising industry and ran a children's clothing business before becoming a full-time artist.

I truly love Stentzel's clothesline animals and how they encourages me to see the world differently—I hope you'll like them, too! To see more of her work, check out her TwitterInstagram, or website.