No rape or video voyeurism charges for former Florida GOP Chairman Christian Ziegler

In a turn of events that surprises no one familiar with Florida politics and the corrupt power elite who run the state, former Florida GOP Chairman Christian Ziegler has been cleared of video voyeurism charges. The drama kicked off in October 2023 with a rape accusation, shifting later to a focus on whether he had illegally recorded a sexual encounter without consent. The sordid scandal attracted attention due to its legal implications and its impact on the political landscape in Florida, particularly given Ziegler's and his wife Bridget's notable positions in Republican circles.

In October 2023, Sarasota police opened an investigation into rape allegations made by a woman claiming an involuntary sexual encounter with Ziegler. As details emerged about the sexual nature of the three-way relationship between Ziegler, his accuser, and his wife, Bridget Ziegler, a school board member and co-founder of the sanctimonious Moms for Liberty, the story attracted widespread media attention.

While the rape allegations were dropped in January after evidence suggested the sexual activity was likely consensual, attention turned to whether Ziegler illegally recorded the encounter without consent. Ziegler's attorney, Derek Byrd, expressed relief over the resolution, stating, "Mr. Ziegler is relieved to finally be completely cleared of the false allegations and any criminal wrongdoing," as reported by The Daily Beast.

From The Miami Herald-Tribune:

Prosecutors said they were declining to pursue the video voyeurism charge because they found the alleged victim's statements inconsistent

"The Victim's expressed inability to recall whether she consented to recording the sexual activity along with her inconsistencies pertaining to key details of the event leave the State unable to demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that the video in question was filmed without her knowledge or consent," the memo concluded. 

Despite calls on the left and right for the resignation. Both Zieglers clung to their posts with a tenacity endemic to narcissistic sociopaths. Nevertheless Christian lost his chairmanship, but Bridget gets to keep her seat on the Sarasota County School Board secure even though none of the other board members wants anything to do with her, shielded by procedural technicalities and a board holds no real power to enforce her exit.

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