Fans boiling mad when Phillies cancel dollar hot dog days

"For more than a quarter-century," reports the AP, "Phillies fans considered dollar hot dog night among the best ballpark promotions — but the team has now decided it was the wurst. Those dog days of April… are going, going, gone."

While this is technically a sports story, it's REALLY about other profoundly important ideas:

1. We really can't have nice things. If it's fun and inexpensive, some corporation will find a way to ruin it. And…

2. Why do people who would never ever consider eating a hot dog chow down several at a baseball game? It's not about the taste, obvi, but rather about a deep-seated craving for nostalgia — for hearkening back to a time in your life when (fill in the blank.) That's powerful stuff, and about so much more than just a boiled weiner.  And…

3. Despite claiming up and down an implacable aversion, humans cannot resist a good pun any more than they can turn down a cheap hot dog. 

From AP: "The Phillies officially ended the popular promotion Thursday and replaced dollar dogs on select dates with a 2-for-1 deal at two April games at Citizens Bank Park. The unpopular move failed to cut the mustard with fans (who) grilled the decision on social media."

Read more here, if you have the stomach for it.

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