Implementing a "disturbingly modern" MS-DOS BBS

Bulletin Board Systems allowed computer users in the dial-up days to access shared resources on the internet: discussion forums, games, utilities, demos, culture, without the astronomical expense of an always-on connection. The technology behind them is long in the tooth, but what if one were to make on now using the most "obnoxiously modern" methods? RetroBytes dusts off the old idea and tooths the wrapping off a "disgusting" new environment to implement it in: "I don't want to run a modern BBS software. I want to run an MS-DOS one."

They said it could not be done, or was that should not be done. Its time to build a MSDOS based BBS, but instead of just slapping DOS on an old PC, and connecting a modem or two. Lets do this in the most offensively modern way possible.

Jump to 23:50 or thereabouts if you just want to appreciate a few minutes of the numbing modernness at hand, which is of course Kubernetes. It's not a how-to video, but you could certainly start with it if you want one of those projects that not only makes a weekend disappear but ends with you waking up with a short scream at 4 a.m. on Monday unable to remember anything that's happened since the timestamp on this post.

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