This video of an iguana shedding its skin and spikes is oddly satisfying

This video of Buddy, a 5-year-old male Blue Iguana, is so satisfying to watch. In the video, you can see Buddy's "Dragon Dad" explaining and demonstrating the process of helping Buddy shed some of his spikes and skin. First he sprays Buddy down with water and lets it soak in for a while. Then he slowly and gently begins removing the skin and spikes that are ready to shed. He cautions in the video to not remove skin that's not ready to shed, as you can damage the iguana's skin. 

He also provides this caveat on YouTube:

[I do] not recommend to do this to your reptile, you must know when it's safe to help them. 

Throughout the video, you can clearly see that Buddy and his "Dragon Dad" have a great relationship, and Dragon Dad knows how and when to remove Buddy's shed. Buddy also looks so happy and content throughout the whole process, and seems to really love the extra pets and scratches he receives during his "spa day." At the end of the video, Buddy also receives treats from his Dragon Dad, and he really couldn't look much happier.

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