New Nick Cave song, "Wild God"

Nick Cave just released a new single, Wild God, off of his upcoming album of the same name. That record's due for release in August, but in the mean time, we get a little teaser of the eponymous album. It follows sonically and lyrically in Cave's recent storytelling style, even referencing "Jubilee Street" and heavily featuring heavenly choir, much like 2013's "Push the Sky Away".

I'm a huge Nick Cave fan and have followed his output through all its various incarnations. The truly wild post-punk The Birthday Party, the occasionally frantic, occasionally soothing and melodic The Bad Seeds, the lightly psychedelic, indie-influenced Grinderman, all of his solo film scoring work and so much more.

Wild God is bombastic and sweeping in its production. It tells an epic in a heartfelt crescendo and fades away, uncertain that it wants to end. I certainly didn't want it to, but I'm biased. I love Nick Cave so, naturally I love this track. Enjoy the sneak peak!

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