Portable UFO detection kit in development by US military

The Pentagon's All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO)—the US defense department's group that investigates unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs)—is developing a portable UFO detection kit. The device is apparently called a Gremlin.

"We're working with some of the government labs, such as the Department of Energy labs, and we have a great partner with Georgia Tech," AARO acting director Tim Phillips said. "And what we're doing is developing a deployable, configurable sensor suite that we can put in Pelican cases. We're going to be able to pull it to the field to do a long-term [collection]. Since the UAP target—that signature is not clearly defined—we really have to do hyperspectral surveillance to try to capture these incidents>"

From DefenseScoop:

The team is currently experimenting with Gremlin at "a very large range in Texas," where officials have been testing the system against known drone-type targets, and some unknown targets as well, Phillips noted.

"It's picking up a lot of bats and birds. We're learning a lot about solar flaring. We're really starting to understand what's in orbit around our planet and how we can eliminate those as anomalous objects," he saidp…]

"If we have a national security site and there are objects being reported that trend within restricted airspace, or within a maritime range, or in the proximity of one of our spaceships, we need to understand what that is. And so that's why we're developing a sensor capability that we can deploy in reaction to reports," Phillips said.