Police arrest "Deez-Nuts"

Police in Green Bay, Wisconsin, have arrested 42-year-old Deez-Nuts Kroll.

Having been called to an incident involving a firearm, police found a highly intoxicated, shirtless gentleman standing outside whose ID confirmed him as "Deez-Nuts Kroll." Mr. Kroll had been arguing with two other less-notably named gentlemen. While the firearm in question turned out to be a bb gun, Deeze-Nuts has been charged with battery and dangerous conduct.

When officers got to the scene, two people were brought to a squad car and placed in the back. Additionally, officers took Kroll into custody and he was reportedly standing outside with no shirt on.

The complaint says that Kroll appeared to be highly intoxicated, but he did follow officers' commands. It is always mentioned that authorities identified Kroll by his Wisconsin ID card which said 'Deez-Nuts Lee Kroll'.

The two people who were originally brought to a squad car said they were arguing with Kroll over the phone around 8 p.m. About two hours later, they found the door to the residence was locked.