Princess Nicotine: an enchanting short film from 1909

"Princess Nicotine," also known as "The Smoke Fairy," is a captivating short film from 1909. Directed by J. Stuart Blackton, this silent trick film has a duration of five minutes.

The film revolves around a smoker who drifts into slumber, only to be visited by two diminutive fairies. The special effects employed to create the illusion of the fairies appearing significantly smaller than their surroundings were highly impressive for the era. Notably, this film was also the first to incorporate tobacco product placement.

From The Public Domain Review: "Comedic short from J. Stuart Blackton and Albert S. Smith that pits a smoker against a tiny fairy, brought to life through early special effects. In his Moving Pictures, How They Are Made And Worked (1912), Frederick Arthur Ambros Talbot referred to the film as being "one of the finest trick films made in the United States… mystifying from beginning to end."