High quality video of Chaplin's "A Day's Pleasure" (1919)

The Silent Hall of Fame uploaded a very nice print of Charlie Chaplin's "A Day’s Pleasure" (1919) to Archive.org. Compare it to the version on YouTube.

Here's the YouTube upload:

And Archive.org's copy is at the top of this post. Read the rest

Watch: 'LIMBO,' ambient video loop by Bill Domonkos of 20 (real) death masks

GIF: John Keats, 1785-1921.

Enjoy this beautiful, creepy, ethereal short ambient ambient video loop by Bill Domonkos, a filmmaker, GIF maker and stereoscopist. Read the rest

Incredible GIFs explain how silent film effects were achieved

The Twitter account @silentmoviegifs shared these simple images that explain how special effects were completed during the silent film era. You can find the whole collection on Imgur.

Find the rest of the images on Imgur. Read the rest

PSAs for movie theatre jerks from a century ago

These lantern slides on silent movie theatre etiquette from the 1910s show that inconsiderate audience members have existed since the dawn of cinema. They're collected in Silent Movies: The Birth of Film and the Triumph of Movie Culture. Read the rest