"The rats are … all high," says New Orleans police chief

"The rats are eating our marijuana," New Orleans Police Department Superintendent Anne Kirkpatrick said said at a city council meeting today. "They're all high."

Kirkpatrick was referring to the infestation of rodents at the deteriorating criminal justice building. She claims that the animals eat the dope in the department's evidence room and crap all over the officers' desks. Apparently, the rats vie for food with the cockroaches. Meanwhile, mold and broken HVAC, elevators, and plumbing add to the misery.

"It is not just at police headquarters," Kirckpatrick said. "It is all the districts. The uncleanliness is off the charts. The janitorial cleaning (team) deserves an award trying to clean what is uncleanable."

Or perhaps just pay them (a lot) more? In any case, she's lobbying to move the police HQ to new digs in a skyskcraper downtown.