Is your name Ryan? Come to the gathering of the Ryans.

If it is, welcome to the Ryan meetup, the largest gathering of Ryans in the world. Run entirely by Ryans, for Ryans (And, on occasion, Rians and Ryanns, so long as they pronounce their names "Ryan"). Three Ryans in New York have made it their business to put as many Ryans in the same room as possible, all across the US. So far, they've had a Ryan meetup at Ryan Maguire's Bar in New York, a Ryan rodeo in Austin, and a Ryan rave in Los Angeles, featuring six Ryan DJs, Ryan-run vending, and paperwork for the dozen people there who weren't named Ryan to legally change their names to Ryan. How and why has all of this happened?

"I was bored"

Ryan Rose had a tough time making friends in New York City. She founded two different meetup groups, one for paranormal research and one for horror movie fans. Despite the common interests, the groups didn't go anywhere. She had to turn to some commonality more permanent and whimsical. Something that people could take pride in, something easy.

Source: Ryan Meetup

So, she started alone, flyering telephone poles in Brooklyn. "Is your name Ryan? Wanna meet other Ryans?" Two additional Ryans showed up, Ryan Cousin and Ryan Le. The three of them founded the Ryan Meetup, which now has a website, merch, events, and is angling to break a world record for the largest same name gathering in the world, an honor currently held by Ivan and attempted by Kyle. Ryan Rose is no stranger to Guinness attempts, either. she tried to beat the record for skating across the country, San Diego, CA to Jacksonville, FL. She was bested by another person by just a few days (by a team with a car!), but still made it on skates alone. How does this translate to the current meetup? "I get bored really easily". And meeting the other Ryans, in and out of New York is a great experience, for community and novelty.

"They're so inspiring"

Learn more about Ryan(s) here and check out the interactive map where to see if there's a Ryan in your town. Ryan, if you're reading this, you know what to do. And of course, tell the Ryans in your life, spread the good word and fight the good fight.

And if you're in Chicago, go to the newly minted St. Ryan's day holiday on March 23

Source: Ryan Meetup