Oculi Mundi: online collection of ancient maps

Keep an eye on the world as our ancestors saw it at Oculi Mundi, an interactive collection of ancient maps you can explore and zoom into. It includes atlases of both Earth and sky.

Oculi Mundi is a digital heritage destination: the home of The Sunderland Collection of world maps, celestial maps, atlases, globes and books of knowledge.

The Collection was built out of a personal passion for travel, history, and the imagination. We seek to make it as accessible as possible — for study or for pure joy.

Oculi Mundi takes a fresh, innovative approach to presenting antique material online. We have tried to exploit the full potential of the digital environment and the best of current technology. As tech evolves, so will we!

Take a look around the key features of Oculi Mundi here.

For example, you can look at Berlinghieri's 'Geographia' Atlas and zoom in all the way to that vernacular Italian.

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