RFK Jr fumbles again: eyes sneaky blowhard Aaron Rodgers for VP position

Of all the moments that have caused me to feel unmoored from reality since Trump descended on his garish golden escalator (and there have been many), this one, reported by NBC News, involving Robert Kennedy, Jr.'s search for a running mate may be the most disorienting yet:

"Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is considering a shortlist of candidates for his running mate that includes New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers and former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura…"

Aaron Fucking Rodgers? First of all, I hate him because his record against the Chicago Bears is 24-5. But more importantly, he's a quarterback! He's even less qualified to be President than Trump. He's never run anything larger than a huddle. And he says unbelievably ignorant shit on an almost daily basis. There's a ton of websites that have cataloged his fact-free musings, but this Deadspin piece puts it all in one place: "A beginner's compendium on Aaron Rodgers stupidity." He's anti-vax, anti-science, a conspiracy nut, and really just an all-around dick. Among the lowest of the low-lights: in 2021 he claimed to be "immunized" against Covid, but he later admitted this was a lie, cooked up to mislead the media, his teammates and the NFL. 

I love RFK with all my heart, but I'm so glad he's not alive to see this.