Man shows us the scary Cybertruck gas pedal that is causing a Tesla recall (video)

Tesla's poorly built Cybertruck issued a voluntary recall after a TikToker showed us just how the car's slapped-together gas pedal gets stuck. And wow, it's pretty unbelievable. (See video below, posted by el.chepito1985.)

"Serious problem with my Cybertruck," reads the post, in which the Tesla owner opens the driver's door to show us the incredibly cheap-looking "stuck pedal" that looks more like a bad craft project than an actual car part.

The potentially deadly pedal problem is caused by the top plate of the gas pedal not adhering properly to its base, so that when your foot presses against it, the pedal can slide up and get wedged under the bottom of the car's console — making it impossible for the gas to let up. "It held the accelerator down 100%," El Chepito said, explaining that this happened to him recently while driving his Cybertruck.

"I was lucky — I had a clear mind, didn't panic," he said. "And holding the brake down overrides the pedal, so I was able to stop the car. But anytime I lifted the brake, it would start accelerating again. … Somebody that panics? That could be pretty dangerous. Crazy."

This comes after a video that came out earlier this year showing the Cybertruck's dangerous "guillotine effect" — or extremely sharp door edges that would slice off a clumsy person's finger as clean as a carrot under a Miyabi Koh chef's knife.

Looks like the greedy Tesla company, run by Elon Musk, is in stiff competition with Boeing — the aircraft company known for its door panel blowing out mid-flight. Which company can build the shoddiest vehicle and get away with it is anyone's guess.


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