Christopher Nolan rumored to adapt "The Prisoner" TV series in upcoming film project

I'm not a big fan of rumors or speculation about future film or TV projects — until something is actually happening, it's not happening. But this is the kind of story that makes my nerd heart go pit-a-pat. 

Christopher Nolan, whose mug would be on the Mount Rushmore of genre filmmakers, might be adapting the '60s classic The Prisoner into a film. Chris Nolan meets The Prisoner? Sign me up. According to Variety:

Now all eyes are on what Nolan — who wrote, directed and produced "Oppenheimer" — will do next. Some say it will be a remake of the mystery-thriller "The Prisoner," based on the 1960s TV series created by and starring Patrick McGoohan, which Nolan was attached to in 2009. 

"Some say" is not exactly hard reportage. But fingers crossed. 

As an aside, this begs the larger question: who else would be on that Mount Rushmore? You only get four choices. I put Nolan, Spielberg, Kubrick and James Cameron. No, wait — I might have to swap Ridley Scott in for Kubrick. Oh, this is a tough call. Villeneuve, Cuarón, the Wachowskis all might belong, too. Fritz Lang? George Lucas? What say you all?

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