Demonstration on the lost arts of signwriting and circus decoration

Joby Carter is master of an unusual trade, one that's become more and more niche over the decades. He's a signwriter, or signpainter, a master of hand lettering techniques. Specifically, Carter is renowned for his fairground restoration work, turning beat up old carnival signs and machines into ornate, shining works of functioning art. Sadly, the fair is no longer touring, but the signs and a few remnants of the old traveling attraction remain.


On March 24th, Carter will offer a free signwriting demonstration in Maidenhead, UK. On the off chance that you happen to be near (ish) to London later this month, you should meander over to Carter's workshop. This event will be well worth your time. It's a beautiful thing to see a master craftsman at work, especially one as encouraging as Carter, who's made it his mission to teach and preserve the art for future generations.

 If, like me, you're stuck on a different continent and wince at the prospect of spending hundreds on flights, food, lodging for a day's demonstration, you can watch Joby in action here.

Or if pinstriping is more your thing, hold your breath and watch this.

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