MSNBC trolls Peter Navarro with bleak description of prison and its "moldy" food

MSNBC didn't pull any punches when describing ex-Trump advisor Peter Navarro's new home for the next four months, including the prison's "moldy food."

As Navarro checked into FCI Miami prison today — "the first former White House official to go to prison after being convicted of contempt of Congress," according to CBS — MSNBC displayed a photo of the so-called "country club" while reporter Ken Delanian commented, "As inviting as that looks, it's not a good place."

"It's surrounded by palm trees and kind of looks like a country club, but actually, federal prisons are not country clubs," he said.

"We've reported on inspector general reports of prisons in Florida, minimum security prisons where the food was moldy, the conditions are terrible," Delanian continued. "So no one should be looking forward to spending time [there]." (See video here on Meidiaite.)

And it's obvious Navarro was not looking forward to his stay. Just moments before check-in time, the panicked conspiracy theorist stood in front of cameras down the street from prison as he whined with a cracking voice about how his sentence wasn't fair because Hillary Clinton was still walking free. (See video below, posted by Ron Filipkowski.)