New freaky photo of Hudson River's mysterious monster

Hudson Valley resident Jo-Ann Martin snapped this curious image of a serpentine form in the Hudson River. This isn't the first sighting of this cryptid that some called the Kipsy.

Martin posted the photo on Facebook, comparing the curious creature to the Loch Ness Monster while others refer to Champ, the cryptid that calls Lake Champlain home. (As Boing boing commenter danimagoo points out, the Hudson River connects to Lake Champlain so maybe this really is Champ!)

See Martin's uncropped photos in this Facebook post.

From WPDH:

In July, the creature was supposedly spotted near the Poughkeepsie Pirate Canoe Club. Photos taken of Kispy were enlarged to reveal what appeared to be a small piece of driftwood that gave the illusion of a head poking out of the water.

Most of the sightings of Kipsy have either turned out to be debris floating in the Hudson River or have been explained away as a rare sturgeon sighting.