Bigfoot is an unholy hybrid of fallen angels, humans, and apes, says reverend/exorcist

Maryland Reverend Bill Bean is "a world-renowned exorcist / spiritual deliverance minister, and is known as 'The Spiritual Warrior,'" according to his website. The Daily Star reports that Bean has solved the mystery of Bigfoot and while they aren't extraterrestrial as others have argued, they do have a UFO connection:

Reverend Bean says he believes unidentified flying objects could be divine Merkabah Chariots – vehicles he claims carried Satan and a third of the angels down to Earth after they were cast out of Heaven. "They came down here and they took human women and produced a hybrid offspring of giants called the Nephilim," he added.

"The Nephilim went into the fields and the forests and had unnatural sex acts with apes, bears, wolves, dogs, monkeys – you name it. And that is the Bigfoot, Sasquach creatures.

I suppose Bean does have credibility when it comes to such matters given his own supernatural experiences living in a haunted house where he "suffered physical demonic attacks between ages five and 12."