Ding-dong: Press the 'fish doorbell' to help spawning fish get through a locked door

Got some time and want to help some fish out? You're in luck, Utrecht's famous "fish doorbell" ("visdeurbel" in Dutch) is open for the spawning season.

This ingenious tool helps fish bypass the city's Weerdsluis lock, a barrier in their upstream springtime journey to spawning grounds. And it can be pressed from the comfort of your home. Spot a fish from the lock's underwater camera livestream? Simply push the doorbell's button. This signals the lock operator to open the gates, allowing our finned friends to continue their journey.

Due to overwhelming interest, the livestream occasionally moves to YouTube, where the doorbell function isn't available (womp, womp). If you find the pink doorbell button missing because of the switch to YouTube, fear not! The team at visdeurbel.nl is committed to ensuring the fish's passage is monitored. They offer weekly video reports on freed fish and share the "nicest photos" on their website.

Watch the live feed on YouTube. Even without the button, it's fun to spot fish who hopefully will make it on their way through the lock.