Precocious John Deere-loving child is "your farming grandpa, reincarnated"

This 8-year-old young man is an absolute gem! His name is Jackson and he lives in Indiana, and he truly and deeply loves farming and farm equipment. The Farm4Profit podcast describes him as "your farming grandpa, reincarnated" and explains that he is "known for his quick-witted comments and knowledge of tractors, farming, trucks, and more!" 

This video of young Jackson checking out John Deere equipment at a farm show is so great. He's funny and charming, and really knows his way around farm equipment, that's for sure! It's so cute when says "Wooo! 'Bout throw me outta the seat!" He also discusses the machine's horsepower and stabilizers, and comments on how handy the cup holders are. He's really something else.

Some of the comments on the video are hilarious too, and perfectly describe the old soul:

"Old people children are the best."

"Served in 'Nam with him in 68. Honorable man."

"Just a couple of old, retired guys, talkin' tractors."

"He told a dad joke and everything."

"Solid guy. He did all the digging for our barn foundation back in 82. Still holding strong. Very knowledgeable."

"I'm convinced he used to drink coffee with my papaw at the feed store."

"Worked the oil rigs with him in the early 90s. great welder. Solid dude."

I predict a bright farming future for Jackson. 


Jackson bought flipped out of the seat….Walter you were great and so nice – thanks for answering all of Jackson's questions #justajacksonthing #jacksonfarmer #nationalfarmmachineryshow2024 #farmtok #johndeere @Wright Implement great setup

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