Watch Echo the Border Collie running free through a stunning Scottish landscape

Watch Echo, an absolutely gorgeous Border Collie, running like the wind through a stunning Scottish landscape. It brings me so much joy to see a dog living its absolute best life, and the scenery provides an added dopamine blast! Enjoy!

Echo is one of the dogs who lives and works with "Sean the Sheepman," who describes himself this way on his YouTube channel:

I'm a 27-year-old shepherd and stockman working in Scotland with my 3 sheepdogs, originally from a small town in the south west and not from a farming background. Join my farm journeys with starting my own small flock of sheep to working on a small farming estate with 700 sheep and 100 cows. Training and sharing the life and wonderful world of working sheepdogs and home life and lifestyle living in rural Scotland and living with 5 dogs, and some of the adventures me and Stacey get into.

On his social media, Sean shares glimpses into his life living and working in rural Scotland, and posts lots of terrific footage of his amazing dogs. It's definitely work checking out!