The Price Is Right has a protocol if a contestant pees their pants

On The Price Is Right, the excitement of being called to come on down could potentially overrule any bladder control.

"They had a system in place in case someone peed their pants," says Mike Richards, former producer of The Price Is Right.

"I never saw it happen, but there were curtains and a blow dryer and [a] pair of sweats just in case, since we'd have to get on with the show," he recalls.

You might recall that Richards was the new host of Jeopardy! for one day. Richards has had a long career in TV game shows, including executive producing stints with Let's Make A Deal, Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy!, and The Price is Right during the transition from Bob Barker to Drew Carey.

From People:

He notes that people have told him he should write a book about all the wild things he's seen working at game shows, but he's only interested in writing about working with his mentors.

"If I wrote a book, it would be as a fan," he explains of getting the chance to work with people like Dick Clark, Bob Barker, Monty Hall, Pat Sajak and of course, Trebek. "Unless it's about those people? I'm not interested."