Women confront man accused of recording under bathroom stall at Marshall's: "You're sick!" (video)

A Florida man was caught peeking under a Marshall's bathroom stall with his phone camera. Now Jacksonville police are looking for him.

A woman was in the store's bathroom when one of them, in a stall, noticed a phone propped up on its side on the floor between a pair of shoes in the stall next to hers. Naturally, the lens of the phone's camera was facing her direction.

Footage shows a few people surrounding the gentleman inside the store after the alleged incident, accusing him of using his phone to record them. "You're a piece of shit!" a woman shouts. "What is wrong with you? You're fucking sick!"

The alleged voyeur is shown nervously fiddling with his phone, and then says his recordings were deleted, but one of the women said she still wanted him arrested. (See video below, shared by First Coast News.)

From First Coast News:

JSO says the incident happened on March 12, as a viral TikTok video posted on onlyinduval's Instagram page shows the man being confronted by the alleged victims and other shoppers in the store. The report accuses the man of recording two victims "in the stall next to them." …

The man was then seen on the TikTok video, interacting with his phone, as well as seen with his hand on his head with his head down in a separate clip.

"This man was recording women, my mother included in the women's restroom in Marshalls," the TikTok video's caption reads. "People tried to keep him from running before the cops got there, he ran from them. Please spread he needs to be held accountable."

JSO's report says "several officers searched the area and concluded with negative results."

The man faces a felony first-degree video voyeurism charge upon his arrest, the report states.

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