MyPillow CEO's downfall: A cautionary tale of Trumpian loyalty

While it's sadly true that Trump is never (and probably never will be) held accountable, the same is not true for those around him. He leaves chaos, prison terms and financial ruin in his wake. Almost everything and everyone he touches turns to shit. That's his superpower. 

So why in hell would any intelligent business person get involved with Trump? There is a mountain of evidence that your reputation and your finances will be ruined. Still, that didn't stop "intelligent business person" Mike Lindell of MyPillow fame. And here we are. CBS News reports:

A judge evicted Minnesota-based MyPillow from a facility in Shakopee after the landlord filed a lawsuit claiming that the company, owned by Mike Lindell, was at least $200,000 behind on rent payments…

Lindell, who is a vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump, has faced a slew of financial problems as he is in the midst of a $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit, filed by Dominion Voting Systems, saying that he falsely accused the company of rigging the 2020 presidential election. Smartmatic filed a similar defamation lawsuit seeking over $1 billion. 

In October of last year, his lawyers asked the federal courts for permission to stop defending Lindell, as he allegedly owes them an unspecified millions of dollars, and will not be able to pay the millions more he'll need to move forward. 

I'm not saying this is surprising — I'm just asking why these assholes never learn?