1896 photo featuring woman with long mane of hair growing from her back

This portrait from 1896 features a woman with a rare condition, congenital nevus with hypertrichosis, that caused a mane of hair to grow from her back. The hair growing from between her shoulder blades looks like head hair, and seems to be well-cared for. 

I'm glad this woman was able to get a photograph of her unique appearance, at a time when having a photograph taken was quite a task. She is beautiful! 

From "Intriguing Portrait of a Woman with Unusual Hair Growth, ca. 1896 ~ Vintage Everyday": A woman with hair growing between her shoulder blades. Her condition was probably due to naevus pilosus, aka congenital nevomelanocytic nevus, aka "hairy nevus." These form with the same ways that Port Wine Stain birthmarks form, but extend into the lower third of the reticular dermis (which the port wine stains don't).