The Internet's newest obsession: Chinese stray cats

If you're at all a fan of cute cats, I apologize in advance for the rabbit hole I'm about to send you down. If you've been on the Internet for the last little bit, you've likely heard of Mr. Fresh, an orange cat who went viral for a video of him side-eying the viewer suspiciously. What you may not know is that Mr. Fresh is just one of the many cats served by Hello Street Cat, a Chinese startup that aims to feed stray cats through autonomous feeders.

Viewers can tune into these feeders via livestream cameras and even donate to refill said feeders with kibble (or freeze-dried treats if they're feeling truly generous).

There's a robust, thriving online community built around Hello Street Cat and its "customers", including an entire wiki dedicated to cataloguing each one. Mr. Fresh may be the breakout star of this cast, but who could forget Brother Calm, Ms. Chicken (who is a chicken) or The Gluttonous Beast? Just reading through the wiki is hilarious in itself, but you can also get in on it yourself by watching the streams, which have already eaten up hours of my life. Who knows? You could stumble upon the next Mr. Fresh.

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