The Used Tire Mart Sagamihara Store contains over 100 antique working vending machines

The Used Tire Mart Sagamihara Store  contains over 100 antique vending machines. The vending machines are open to the public and sell all sorts of wonderful things such as sake, ramen, camera film, umbrellas, and so much more. One of the machines even microwaves fresh popcorn. This place would be dangerous for me to visit, because I'd have a hard time not trying out every single machine. 

From Atlas Obscura: "It seems slightly bizarre to find rows of food-dispensing vending machines sandwiched between a dusty parking lot and a used tire shop. But the food in the vending machines is fresh and restocked regularly—the curry and noodles are cooked fresh and replenished daily"

Sagamihara is a suburb that you can get to in 1.5-2 hours when traveling from Tokyo on public transport. Make sure to bring cash with you if you are visiting, because there is no ATM at the location. 

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