Get these premium Sony noise-canceling wireless earbuds for less than $100 

TL:DR: Cut out the background noise with noise-canceling earbuds. Usually $199, these open box Sony LinkBuds are now less than $100!

Whether you want to cut out the sounds of your morning commute, gym bros while you work out, or crying babies when you fly, a high quality pair of noise-canceling earbuds is the secret to making almost everything you do in your day-to-day life, well, better. 

These Sony LinkBuds S, a pair of highly innovative, wireless, and noise canceling earbuds, are one of the best you can get. They're usually $199, but right now you can snap them up for only $99.99!

So, how can you get a brand-new set of premium buds with such a big discount? The secret is that these are open box earbuds, which basically means we've got hold of them after being excess inventory from store shelves or the warehouse. While they may have been around customers, and the packaging may have already been handled, the buds inside are verified as being in new condition!

With these Sony earbuds, you'll experience the best that audio tech has to offer. They're designed with recycled materials, so these earbuds are environmentally friendly, and their pocket-sized construction means packing these Sony earbuds is a breeze.

As for their specs, the Sony LinkBuds S have adaptive sound control settings for an optimum listening experience, no matter where you are, and premium noise-canceling. Its noise-canceling tech is next-level, as you'd expect from Sony, and it utilizes the latest AI innovation to minimize the sounds around you based on over 500 million voice sounds. The result? Effective reduction of the sounds around you for an immersive and comfortable listening level.

You'll be able to listen to your favorite music and podcasts all day, too, thanks to six hours of non-stop listening from the earbuds and another 14 hours of battery life from the pocket-sized carry case. Plus, for any avid runners or gym rats out there, these Sony earbuds have IP4X waterproofing to help them withstand sweat sessions and rain!

Enjoy a more immersive listening experience when you grab the Sony LinkBuds S Wireless Noise-Canceling Earbuds for just $99.99.

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