Man narrowly misses being killed by runaway saw blade (video)

A Eugene, Oregon man was able to step out of the way of a runaway saw.

Shane Reimche walked into a Quicktrips Neighborhood Market in Eugene, Oregon, just seconds before a four-foot saw blade sped across the parking lot and tried to enter the store through a wall. Mr. Reimche and the local media were impressed with his luck and the stopping power of said wall.

"I was walking into the store here, I put my hand on the door and I heard a loud bang and yelling," Reimche said. "Just as a cloud of smoke pops up and I see a guy fall in the ditch. And a four-foot blade hurtling at me."

"Last minute I was able to duck behind the counter," he added.

Surveillance video from inside the liquor stores shows Reimche looking back in the middle of the doorway as he heard a commotion. He then saw the giant metal blade rushing towards his direction. He quickly ducked to his left behind the inner store wall.

The impact was so powerful it shook the entire store, according to store owner Amit Grewal.

"We were standing behind the counter, all I heard was metal rolling down the street," he said. "It was just wind, all of a sudden we heard a loud bang, it shook the whole store. " 


Thank goodness Mr. Reimche didn't freeze up.