This $140 foldable exercise bike is a great way to stay in shape at home!

TL;DR: Tired of waiting to use gym equipment or want an easier workout solution? This $139.99 (reg. $199) foldable exercise bike is an excellent way to get your blood pumping at home and your body ready for the beach!

We've yet to see a warm sunny day we can trust in 2024, but we promise they are (actually) afoot! When the time does come, your body needs to be in tip-top shape to hit the beach, even if most of us can't all look like Pam Anderson in Baywatch!

If you need a little toning and hate the thought of running in 1,000-degree heat this summer, the YOSUDA Folding Exercise Bike is a great option. You can bike away from the comfort of your home and enjoy comfortable aerobic exercise for only $139.99 (reg. $199).

Ready to meet you and your fitness goals where they're at, the YOSUDA is a perfect addition to all the other ways you stay well-oiled and in shape. With magnetic resistance for an ultra-quiet ride and a super soft and comfy seat, YOSUDA has made it incredibly easy to run out of excuses not to exercise. 

More than just a bike, the LCD display also flashes numbers and data like speed, distance, and calories burned, all while you get a real-time heart rate as you start pumping some blood through that old bag of bones. You can see exactly what kind of exercise you're getting!

If you're unsure about stamina, there are a few safeguard options, including anti-slip pedals so your feet stay unbroken and a device holder to keep your precious smartphone or tablet secure while binging Netflix during your bike ride. 

When you're done, the bike is incredibly easy to fold. This design makes it easy to store in small spots you'd otherwise reserve for dust bunnies!

Feel your most confident self as warmer weather draws near.

Get the YOSUDA Folding Exercise Bike for just $139.99 (reg. $199) for a limited time!

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