Ohio man beaten up in Florida resort

Brent George, 61, was charged with battery after a drunken and violent incident at a Disney World resort bar earlier this year that's only recently being reported in local media. It reportedly began with his consumption of bourbon and beer, proceeded to him mocking someone with Down Syndrome, escalated to him striking others who objected to that behavior, and concluded with him getting his ass kicked by them and arrested.

Brent George was arrested and charged with four counts of battery after the incident that unfolded at Belle Vue Lounge, a bar inside Disney's Boardwalk Inn, on Jan. 25. … George was evaluated by medical staff for the injuries sustained from being punched and was then transported to the Orange County Jail after being cleared.

George was having a "good time" until things went awry, reports WDW News Today.

The deputy tracked down the group at the table. They said George approached them, mocking the female's occasional grunts and imitating her. The female's mother confronted George and asked if he was making fun of her daughter with disabilities. Then the altercation got physical. George shoved the mother twice.  When another woman from the group stood up to intervene, George slapped her across the face. That woman's husband, whose sister was the one made fun of, got involved. George punched the man in the neck. The man punched George back, which was why George's face was bleeding. The arrest report added there was no evidence anyone threw a glass at George. "There was no broken glass found on the scene, and it is believed no glass cup was utilized in this incident," the arrest report said.

An open question:

The sheriff's office did not release the arrest report for weeks, which is why WDWNT is reporting on it now. His March 13 court hearing was canceled, court records show.

The Belle Vue Lounge sounds like the perfect venue for a drunken smackdown.

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