Capture incredible views and sights with this 4K drone, on sale with $49 off today

TL;DR: Start taking amazing aerial photography with this 4K Dual-Camera Drone for Beginners. Usually $119, you can grab it for $69.97 today. 

Whether you love to travel, capture sports or explore your local area, drone photography is the secret to taking the best pictures and videos you've ever seen. You don't need to be a pro to take amazing photos with this 4K Dual-Camera Drone for Beginners with Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance. Usually $119, you can grab it at a special price drop of just $69.97 right now – saving you a hefty $49. 

Even if you've never used a drone before, this gadget is the ideal one to begin with. For starters, its controls make it super easy to use, thanks to is palm gesture controls (so you can take a photo just by making a fist), optical flow positioning, which keeps the drone hovering so you can capture exactly what you want, and three-way obstacle avoidance – so even if you're not familiar with guarding distances, this drone will do it for you, avoiding objects in advance. Smart, eh? 

With all these features at your fingertips, you'll be able to take stunning high definition aerial photography and video with this drone's 90 degree 4K front camera and its 120 degree wide angle bottom camera – so you never miss what you want to record. 

Simply lock in the drone at the height you want using the simple one key start and stop function, and it'll hover in place exactly where you want. Beautiful photography couldn't be easier, making this an ideal option for both beginners and kids. Coolest gift ever? We think so. 

Take the best photos of your life with this 4K Dual-Camera Drone for Beginners with Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance, on sale for $69.97 now (reg. $119). 

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