Fan baffled: Why doesn't 62-year-old Jim Carrey look like 20-year-old Jim Carrey?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought, "Gee, I'm not 20 anymore"? Well, one bright young Xitter user, sporting the coveted blue checkmark and fondness for investing in Tesla stock (which took a 33% nosedive in six months), embarked on a philosophical journey upon observing a pair of photos featuring the venerable Jim Carrey. He remarked, "What happened to Jim?" The photo on the left is Carrey in his early 20s; the photo on the right is Carrey 40 years later at age 62.

To answer the bluechecker's question, Xitter appended a community note: "He aged."

But that's not the end of the story! Our intrepid bluechecker wasn't concerned with the march of time. "People misunderstand the spirit of this post. It wasn't about his age, he looks sad," he clarified. Everyone knows that if a person looks sad in one photo, it means they are failures no matter how many other photos show the person looking happy.

Carrey's apparent "sadness" stems from a failure to embrace born-again Christianity. "I think he made an effort to 'find himself' and the meaning of life… and went to the deep end. He doesn't seem to have found the answer. Of course, if you ask me, the moment of truth is when you realize Jesus is real and can restore you from your sins. But hey, that's just me," he said.

Jesus, Xitter, Tesla, and Elon Musk: the ticket to not looking sad!

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