Don't toss your eclipse glasses, donate them

The Great North American Eclipse has come and gone. The next total solar eclipse to be visible from North America is over twenty years away, and for safety, eclipse glasses should be discarded after three years. As a result, millions of pairs of eclipse glasses are potentially headed to landfills. Instead of throwing them in the trash, you can donate them. 

Astronomers Without Borders is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the world together through a shared love of astronomy and the wonder of the universe. Part of that mission is collecting eclipse glasses:

Astronomers Without Borders has been sending solar glasses for annular and total solar eclipse since 2008. From Africa, Asia, North and South America, our members, partners and National Coordinators helped to bring glasses to people who may not otherwise have a safe way to view the eclipse directly. Travellers from the United States graciously volunteered to bring them in their luggage and hand them out to local educators and organizers of public viewing events.

The organization has collection stations with several partners, including glasses retailer Warby Parker. Check their site for locations, or donate to their campaign.  Eclipse Glasses USA is also taking mail-in donations of used glasses.

Regardless of which organization you donate to, make sure the glasses are undamaged and ISO-certified. 

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