Keep your furry friends safe while driving with the Pet Car Net, now an extra 20% off

TL;DR: The Pet Car Net Partition keeps your favorite animals safe and secure in the back of the car so they can't climb over you and distract you as you try to drive. Now, it's an extra 20% off with code ENJOY20 through April 16.

Most dogs are thrilled to get to go in the car. Unfortunately, they often get so excited they start climbing all over the space — including on you or even on the steering wheel. This can make for a dangerous driving situation, but with this pet net, you'll both be safer in the car.

The Pet Car Net Partition keeps your beloved animals secure in the back half of your vehicle. Right now, as part of our sitewide sale on presents for your pet, you can get it for an additional 20% off! Just use the code ENJOY20 to get the Pet Car Net Partition for only $19.19 through April 16!

The Car Net Partition is stretchy, so you can use it for different-sized vehicles. It will fit most cars and trucks — just set it across the area you need blocked off. It's also very soft, so it won't hurt your pet (or over-active kiddos!) if they get rough and ready.

And while it was designed to keep pets safe in one place, it has other purposes. It can be used as a storage bag, for example, if you need to secure loose items like toys, shopping bags, or groceries in the car. The partition also keeps excitable children from the front part of the car, too, ensuring you have a distraction-free driving experience!

You should never be distracted while driving your car.

Now, you and your pet (and kids!) will be much safer on the road when you use the Pet Car Net Partition, now just $19.19 with code ENJOY20 through April 16 at 11:59 PM Pacific!

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