The making of Bruce Springsteen's "Nebraska" is coming to life in a new movie

Every once in a while, a movie just sounds like catnip to me, even before it's made. Deadline just carried the announcement: 

20th Century has closed a deal to finance and release Deliver Me from Nowhere, the narrative film that Scott Cooper is writing to direct with Emmy-winning The Bear star Jeremy Allen White playing The Boss in a pivotal moment in his life. 

Way, way cool. Tell me more:

Grappling with personal demons and trying to wrap his arms around becoming a global superstar, Springsteen wrote and recorded Nebraska, the 1982 album that rivals Joni Mitchell's Blue as one of the most emotionally raw, dark and honest albums in recent music history.

There is no way I will not enjoy this movie. A Boss biopic? Check. Covering the making of my favorite Bruce album, Nebraska? Check check. Starring one of the most soulful actors working today? More checks! 

I love all Bruce Springsteen music, but I've always found the ten songs on Nebraska to be profoundly moving and showcased a deeper, stripped down side of Bruce that he had never before explored. For me, this is when he moved from loveable, beloved rocker to the pantheon with the all-time greats. 

If you've never heard the album, you're in for a real treat. Go listen now!

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