Cursed mashup changes the one word in Tequila song

In the realm of musical classics, few tunes are as instantly recognizable as The Champs' 1958 hit, "Tequila." With its surf-rock vibe, the song has embedded itself in the cultural fabric for generations. However, what sets "Tequila" apart is its minimalist lyrics – there are only three words in the entire song, all of which are, as you most likely know, "Tequila."

So, when the musical mashup creator, Paramind, teased a "Cursed Mashup" of "Tequila," it piqued my curiosity. What could possibly be done to a song with such limited lyrics? The answer, as it turns out, is a silly little 12-second gag that Paramind boldly proclaims as "the modern lyrics to 'Tequila."'

I won't give away the joke, but it gave me a giggle and I hope it does the same for you.