Michael Cera: "Let my cream hydrate you."

Every now and then a commercial is truly brilliant, and I've just discovered one that really hits it out of the park. The Michael Cera commercial for CeraVe moisturizing cream is, for me, the perfect mix of funny and weird. It features Michael Cera walking through a shimmery layer of fabric and then, in soft, hushed, tones, discussing CeraVe:

"I'm Michael Cera, and I'm pleased to announced that this is my cream.

[a soft whisper: CeraVe]

Oh, you didn't know?

[a soft whisper: generosity]

The truth has been hiding in plain sight.

I am CeraVe.

[soft laughter]

Can human skin truly be this moisturized?"

The rest of the commercial is equally absurd. 

Michael Cera, while rock climbing, smears some cream on a mountain, while gently stating, "Let my cream hydrate you."

Michael Cera lounges by a mystical pool. A unicorn dolphin swims up and announces in its clicky dolphin language (with subtitles): "Your skin looks so moisturized, Michael Cera." Michael Cera answers in dolphin language (with subtitles), "Thanks, yours too."

Michael Cera, holding a large jar of CeraVe, lovingly looks at the jar and says, "I'm telling them our story."

And, just in case you're confused, no, Michael Cera isn't CeraVe. The company states:

Just to clear things up once and for all… CeraVe is developed with Dermatologists. Not Michael Cera.

On the CeraVe website, they further explain:


About Michael Cera claiming to develop CeraVe. Maybe it's because he has baby-soft skin and we share a name. Maybe it's because he signed CeraVe bottles and went on interviews saying things like "you put two and two together…" Or maybe it's part of our latest campaign. Who's to say, really?

Whatever the reason, it is not true. The 'cera' in our name stands for the 3 essential ceramides. So while we are huge Michael fans, he did not develop CeraVe. Dermatologists did. And in the skincare world, Dermatologists are the real celebrities.

I've watched the commercial several times now, and it keeps making me laugh. If you love Michael Cera, this commercial will delight you. 

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