Volcano blows perfect smoke rings (video)

Sicily's Mount Etna has been blowing perfect smoke rings. The video below is astonishing.

To be clear, the rings aren't actually smoke but rather condensed water vapor. (And it's happened before, including back in 2013!)

"On its own [the vapor] is colourless but once it reaches the condensation level then it becomes whitish — and that's what we are seeing," Australian National University volcanologist Ana Casas Ramos told ABC Australia. "The reason why you have this water vapour coming up and condensing so quickly and then forming these rings is because of the temperature difference."

If it does culminate in an eruption, let's say in the coming months or weeks, it'll be just a couple of puffs, a bit of ash, maybe a bit of magma but nothing violent," she said. 

(Thanks, Chanté McCormick!)