Sleep in silky luxury: bamboo-blend sheets for just $31.19

TL;DR: If you want your bed to feel luxurious, get a set of soft, silky, hypoallergenic bamboo-blend sheets. This Six-Piece Bamboo-Blend Comfort Luxury Sheet Set has a 1,800 thread count and wicks moisture like athleticwear, and it's only $31.19 (an extra 20% off!) with code ENJOY20 through April 16!

Your bed is more than just where you start and end the day. Getting a good night's rest is also a big part of maintaining your health and well-being. Whether you're a sweaty sleeper (no judgment here!), love a soft pair of sheets, or worry about allergies, it may be worth looking into getting a set of bamboo blend fabric sheets. 

This 6-piece bamboo-blend sheet set is composed of a blend of bamboo fabric and soft microfiber that have a smooth, silky feel and a wrinkle-free design, but that's not all it offers. You can transform your bed into a beacon of luxury when you get this sheet set for only $31.19 instead of $119 with code ENJOY20!

Soft, silky, and hypoallergenic 

These comfy sheets keep that new, smooth feeling from wash to wash without needing expensive and caustic chemicals to keep them soft and supple. If the heat has you sweating through spring and summer, you might especially enjoy the moisture-wicking properties these sheets bring to bed with them. 

This bamboo-blend bedding set includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and four pillowcases, all in crisp white. The fitted sheet has deep pockets for mattresses up to 16 inches thick, so your bed might just fit perfectly. Plus, the hypoallergenic properties provide a natural defense against allergens. If you're worried about sneezing through allergy season and beyond, these sheets can help you rest more easily. We can't let our allergies get in the way of beauty sleep!

Bamboo fiber for a low price

Don't miss your chance to elevate your sleeping arrangements — no bunk bed needed (see what we did there?)!

Until April 16 at 11:59 p.m. PT, you can get the Six-Piece Bamboo-Blend Comfort Luxury Sheet Set for just $31.19 when you enter code ENJOY20

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